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This month, we highlighted some main differences between manual and automatic transmissions. While we hope your transmission lasts you a lifetime, unfortunate circumstances can lead you to need auto repair. When this happens, you can trust Elk Grove Transmission & Auto Repair to be there for you and your vehicle.

As we previously stated, this month is all about the difference between manual and automatic transmissions. While we will get to that soon, it is essential to note the main similarity first: both manual and automatic transmissions help your vehicle change gears. This benefits you and your vehicle because it allows for control over the RPMs, or revolutions per minute, so your engine doesn’t overheat or break apart.

Now, let’s get into the differences between manual and automatic transmissions repair.

Manual Transmissions

‘Stick shift’ - As the name suggests, manual transmissions need the gears to be manually shifted. This is done using a stick to shift gears.

Manual transmissions also require the driver to use the third pedal. This pedal is found to the left of the brake pedal and activates the clutch to allow movement between the gears.

Because manual transmissions are less complex than automatic transmissions, more minor issues or repairs are usually needed. As a result, there are fewer repair expenses.

Automatic transmissions

Compared to the manual transmission, the vehicle does the work of changing gears in an automatic transmission. The driver has the duty of using the two pedals, gas and brake, but there is no third pedal.

There is no need to focus on changing gears as a driver, so there is less distraction. This is a benefit as the driver’s focus can stay on the road at all times.

Because of the complex mechanisms inside your engine that allow for your transmission to automatically change gears, there is much room for issues to appear. This can result in expensive repair jobs.

Choosing between a manual or automatic transmission is a luxury that ultimately comes down to preference by the driver. Whichever way you decide to drive, it is essential to keep your transmission taken care of with regular maintenance. If you ever need your transmission or vehicle inspected for possible repairs or require any repair job, then come to Elk Grove Transmission & Auto Repair! We will gladly have our doors open for you and your vehicle.