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Transmission Troubles Centennial Colorado

Our transmission experts can determine your transmission issue and recommend solutions.

You may not need a new transmission. Only 1 in 3 needs a new one. Most only need small transmission repairs or adjustments.

Roadrunner Transmission in Centennial Colorado has full diagnostic locations and installation centers in the Centennial area with more being added. Our transmission experts are friendly, fast and efficient. If your transmission is leaking fluid, slipping, grinding, not shifting or in any way you suspect you have transmission trouble, we are transmission experts. Save yourself aggrivation, time and money by coming to us for help.

We service complete drivetrain components for cars, trucks, commercial vehicles, fleet vehicles, emergency service vehicles (fire trucks, ambulances, police cars, etc.)

Roadrunner Transmission has a huge inventory of used and remanufactured transmissions that gets your repair or replacement finished fast!

Free towing & rental if you need it and financing too.

Roadrunner Transmission offers a completely FREE Inspection of your transmission problem at all our Centennial transmission shop. 

First, we are going to scan your vehicle's computer to check for service codes. We do this at "no charge" while most companies charge $50 - $100 for this service.

Second, we are going to verify your concern and perform a road test as long as your vehicle is drivable.

Third, we will also do an under car check looking for any leaks or incorrect adjustments. When we are doing the under car evaluation we look for not only transmisison leaks/transfer case/cooler lines etc., we will also advise you if their is something else we see or do not do see. We also check the differentials and power steering fluids. When looking for improper adjustments we want to make sure that something simple is not the causing the problem.

Over 66% of the vehicles we check out do not need a major repair.

Our commitment to your safety and is performed at no cost for our valuable customers. To request an automotive repair or service call us today. 

Whether you are considering a used, rebuilt, remanufactured, or factory transmission - we have a huge inventory of rebuilt transmissions and automatic transmission parts, we can ship out of inventory, repair or rebuild transmissions fast.

All of our centers offer an expert diagnosis service. This saves our customers a lot of money. So often, people come to us thinking they have a transmission problem when they don't. Why risk a guess? Get it right from the transmission experts!

We listen and respond to customer feedback. We appreciate comments, questions and feedback from our customers or customers-to-be.

Transmission Repair Centennial