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Transmission Re-Build Cost

As with any maintenance and repairs needed with a vehicle, you certainly wonder "how much does this cost?"  Even more so when it comes to transmission re-builds or a re-manufactured transmission.  

A vehicle transmission makes sure that the correct amount of power is sent to the wheels.  Unfortunately, the transmission will eventually stop working and you will need to have it replaced with either an engine re-build or having to completely replace it with a new one.   The average price of a transmission re-build is around $1500 - $3000.  This average price depends on the condition, labor, and other various items that need to be taken in to account.

No true mechanic or shop can give an exact estimate WITHOUT knowing the full scope of the issue at hand.  When it comes to transmissions, some fixes can be surprisingly simple and others can require a full overhaul.  The specialists at Roadrunner Transmission will evaluate what exactly the issue is and provide a free estimate after the diagnosis.  This way you fully understand what it will take to get the transmission repaired and the vehicle back on the road.

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Rebuilding a transmission will cost around $1500 to $3000 depending on the condition, labor, and more.

As with most things in life, its difficult to give an exact estimate without knowing the full scope of the issue at hand. Transmissions can be tricky, there can be some very simple fixes and other times it can be quite complicated. But this is precisely why you should get an honest transmission expert to explain the issues and potential fixes.

How Does A Transmission Get Rebuilt?

Another common and great question!

To understand the cost of a transmission re-build, it is important ot understand the process to re-build a transmission.  If the team at Roadrunner Transmission confirms that the issue with your vehicle is indeed the transmission, step 1 is to remove the transmission from the vehicle and disassemble it.

A transmission in bad condition can create grinding sounds, gear slippage or you can smell a burning type smell.  These pieces of equipment are very sophisticated and complex, there are many steps needed to disassemble it properly, drain the transmission oil, remove the gear and bearings along with a variety of other small parts.

It also depnds on the experience of the mechanic and the shop doing the work!  Roadrunner Transmissions has become the premier transmission repair and transmission re-build shop throughout Centennial Colorado and surrounding areas.

If you have any questions please call us at Roadrunner Transmission and Diesel! We will provide an honest assessment of the transmission situation and see how we can help!