Transmission & Auto Repair in Centennial

Transmission repair in Centennial, CO, by the best in the auto repair industry.

Our technicians handle a wide range of transmission repairs and maintenance: everything from fluid changes to complete transmission replacement. At Roadrunner Transmissions and Auto Repair, no problem is too big or too small. We take pride in our Transmission Repair in Centennial, CO..

Get it right the first time!

You don’t want your transmission problems to linger – to have to keep going back to a shop and wait until they fix it properly. Avoid a bunch of unnecessary stress and wasted time.

When it comes to a critically important component like a transmission, don’t trust your vehicle to anyone but the best. Our technicians are experienced so you can be sure they’ll get it right the first time. With over fourteen years of experience, that’s why we are the transmission repair Centennial, cO turns to get it done right.

We use high-quality parts, and our experienced technicians are knowledgeable with this kind of work. The Fact is: we’ll get you back on the road with no more transmission difficulties. Call us now and let us become your trusted CentennialTransmission Repair Service.

Transmission fluid flushes and refills

Fluid Leaking? In these cases, you can breathe easy: you might not need a full transmission rebuild. You may only need transmission reseals. Come on in Roadrunner Transmissions and Auto Repair and we’ll get that leak sealed up for you. Let us become your Centennial Transmission Repair Service.

Expert clutch service for manual transmissions

We are the transmission repair Centennial, CO turns to for clutches. Is your Clutch grinding? If something’s wrong with the clutch on your manual transmission, we can fix it. We’ll put it through a rigorous phase of testing and do all of the necessary repairs to get you back shifting through your gears.

How to know when the transmission is the problem

Do you feel something unusual while shifting, a popping, shimmying, or rattling? If you know something’s wrong, then you should bring it to Roadrunner Transmissions and Auto Repair. Remember, we are the transmission repair Centennial turns to for their auto repair diagnostics. Same deal if your auto won’t shift or won’t stay in the appropriate gear.

Transmission service for trucks and 4X4s

We are also the transmission repaiCentennial, CO turns to for Trucks & 4X4 repairs. In fact, they seem to have them more often than smaller cars. This is usually due to the kind of hard use to which they’re subjected: off-roading and towing. But it’s also because they have a larger frame and weigh more. Roadrunner Transmissions and Auto Repair specializes in helping to get those rigs back on the road. Once again, where the transmission repair Centennial, CO turns to for Trucks & 4X4 repairs!