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Heavy Duty / Diesel Transmission Centennial

Ford, Dodge and Chevy diesel Transmissions

We have been building heavy duty transmissions for gas and diesel trucks for years and the demand for them is greater than ever. Our constant research on how to build the best, most durable transmissions, coupled with high quality parts allows us to rebuild transmissions that withstand the tasks that our customers are asking of them. Whether you are pulling large toy haulers, or hauling tractors and livestock, we rebuild your transmission to stand up to your demands, and keep you on the road.

We’ve found that the transmission is the weakest link on many diesel trucks today. Our customers who own heavy duty diesel powered trucks, were expecting their truck to last 200,000 to 300,000 miles or more. They were very disappointed when the transmission failed at very low mileage.

Keep your investment going strong.

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Tech Tips - Heat is the top cause of transmission failure - let us help you make sure you have a big enough transmission cooler. Service your transmission regularly - stop by and we will check the condition of your fluid for free. Synthetic fluid can help if you are having heat issues - it’s a little more but lasts longer and protects better.