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Getting the Most Out of Your Transmission

Since the transmission is such an integral component of your vehicle , you should do your best to take care of it. Avoiding transmission problems in Silver Spring, MD helps extend the life of your transmission and your vehicle as a whole. Your transmission needs clean fluids to keep it cool and efficient, and your transmission mechanic can help if you have any troubles. Knowing what stresses your car or truck will also help you reduce your risk for problems and stay on the road. Continue reading for some quick tips on getting the most out of your transmission.

Change Your Fluids

Unless you change your fluid as necessary, you can expect to run into transmission problems. Transmission fluid keeps the transmission itself from overheating, which is absolutely essential for the functioning of your vehicle. If your transmission overheats, it can’t properly distribute energy from the engine to your wheels. A transmission fluid leak can be disastrous because the more fluid you lose, the hotter the engine will get, which turns into even more transmission fluid being burnt. Check your transmission fluid regularly to keep the fluid fresh and catch leaks while there’s still time to fix them.

See Your Mechanic

No matter how good you are, you’re never too good to see your transmission mechanic. A healthy relationship with your transmission mechanic is good news for your ride. Don’t make the mistake of thinking you should only see your mechanic when something is wrong, and instead schedule regular maintenance checkups to make sure everything is right.

Don’t Ride the Brakes

When you use your clutch, you decide how the transmission will send energy from the engine to the wheels. If you overuse your brakes rather than shifting according to your speed, you could be doing some serious damage to your transmission. Riding the brakes is a common problem for people who drive cars with manual transmissions, which makes it all the more noteworthy. Try not to hit the brakes (or gas pedal) too abruptly so your engine has time to acclimate.

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