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Diesel Transmission Repair

The transmission is one of the most important components of a vehicle because it transports the power generated by the engine to the wheels. If the transmission has problems or is malfunctioning, it can compromise the efficiency of the vehicle and cause the car to move sluggishly. At Roadrunner Transmission and Diesel, we have expert mechanics that specialize in diesel transmission repair. They’ll make sure your transmission works well and here’s a brief introduction to the process involved:

1. Accessing the Transmission

Transmissions on diesel vehicles can be large and weigh several hundred pounds. Our mechanic can’t really access it well by just slipping under the car so they need to elevate the vehicle. After the car is at an acceptable height, the mechanic will use a transmission holder to keep it in place during the diesel transmission repair process.

2. Disconnecting It

The next step is to disconnect the drive train and the linkage because without doing that, our mechanic can’t remove the transmission. This is a relatively delicate process and needs to be handled with care.

3. Removal

After all the connections of removed, the mechanic will carefully remove the transmission as well as the transmission housing. This needs to be done carefully because if the holder and transmission lift aren’t placed in the proper location, the mechanism will fall and hurt the mechanic.

4. The Repairs

There are several repairs our mechanic can perform once the transmission is removed and more accessible and they include:

  • Changing overheated, worn, cracked, or damaged gears.
  • Cleaning old metal shavings that can damage the gears.
  • Adding a gasket to the cover.

Our mechanic will usually assess the damage to the transmission carefully before they perform any repairs. In some cases, repairs aren’t enough or simply not required. It’s important to be certain before meddling with the mechanism.

5. Reassembling

Once the diesel transmission repair is done, the mechanic will reassemble the transmission carefully, lift it back to the car, attach it and the housing in place, and reconnect the linkages and drive train. It’s important to ensure all parts, nuts, and bolts go where they’re supposed to and our experienced mechanic will do just that.

If you have any questions or want to know more about diesel transmission repair, contact us at Roadrunner Transmission and Diesel. You can also call us on 760 659 0231.

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