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Diesel Transmission Flush

Many people ignore the importance of diesel transmission flush until they face serious car trouble. Experts recommend that you need to perform the flush every 30,000 miles or every 2 years but it’s easy to forget this and that can have consequences. Sometimes you might even need to flush the transmission sooner and at Roadrunner Transmission and Diesel, we help you determine that. Here are some signs that indicate that you might need a flush.

1. Your Car Emits Strange Grinding Noises

If you notice your car’s transmission emitting strange grinding noises, you need to get it checked from an expert mechanic quickly. This might be a sign of grease, dirt, and sludge build-up in the transmission, which usually has the same effect as low levels of transmission fluid. In any case, if you experience the noise need to check the levels transmission fluid and examine its color. If the fluid level is acceptable but the color is reddish or brownish, you might need to get diesel transmission flush done.

2. Slipping Gears

Slipping gears happen because there isn’t enough pressure in the transmission to maintain gear. That pressure is aided by transmission fluid that’s in good condition and appropriate quality. If the fluid is dirty, the contaminants in it will interfere with the transmission and compromise its ability to sustain pressure. That can lead to slipping gears, which is why you need diesel transmission flush done.

3. Problems in Gear Shifting

This is applicable to both manual and automatic transmission cars as smooth shifting of gears in both cases requires clear and free-flowing transmission fluid. If the fluid is dirt and has debris in it, the gears will respond sluggishly and shift too slowly or too quickly. This problem is particularly noticeable in manual transmission cars because you might not be able to shift gears at all.

4. Jumping or Surging of Vehicles

Transmission fluid helps your car transport fluid smoothly from the engine to the drive train. This ensures the car drives smoothly as well but for that to happen, the fluid needs to be clear. Contaminated fluid doesn’t flow as smoothly and that can lead to abrupt surges or pauses in the car’s operation. If you experience this, you need diesel transmission flush.

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