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Diesel Engine Repair

Many cars available in the market have diesel engines and their engines are different from normal gasoline engines. If you want to get diesel engine repair done, you need to take your car to a mechanic who’s familiar with diesel engines and can spot and address the problem efficiently. At Road Runner Transmission and Diesel, we’ve worked on diesel engines for a long time and know how they work. The most common problems with these engines are relatively easy to spot, such as :

  • Hard Starting - Diesel engines rely on cylinder pressure to ignite the fuel and generate power; additional pressure in the cylinder can cause a hard start. Hard starts can happen due to low battery, glow plug malfunction, obstructed fuel filters, and lines, and other such problems. If your car doesn’t start properly or experiences a hard start, you need to take it to your diesel engine repair mechanic to correct the problem immediately.

  • Defective Glow Plug -Defective glow plugs can cause a number of problems so if your experience things like engine misfires, hard starting, black smoke, and full shutdown, there’s a possibility that the glow plug is damaged or doesn’t work well. The glow plug is when of the first things the diesel engine repair mechanic would test when you bring in your car for repair.

  • Thickened Diesel -Diesel is more susceptible to thickening than gasoline, especially during the winter. Cold temperature can turn it into something gel-like that doesn’t flow smoothly through the engine. You’ll need a good and experienced mechanic to handle the problem for you otherwise your car simply won’t start for a long time.

  • Thickened Or Wrong Engine Oil - Over time, the engine oil can also become thick and viscous. In such cases, our mechanics recommend switching to lighter engine oil that would suit your vehicle better. Our diesel engine repair mechanic would recommend the best one for you.

  • Black Smoke - Diesel cars sometimes emit black smoke and this can happen for a number of reasons. Usually it happens because of an imbalance in fuel to air ratio with too much fuel and too little air in the engine.

If you have any questions or want to know more about diesel engine repair, contact us at Roadrunner Transmission and Diesel. You can also call us on 303-710-2719.