CVT Transmission Repair in Centennial

Does your Nissan have a cvt transmission problem? At Roadrunner Transmission of Centennial we specializes at repair and rebuilding  cvt transmissions. Our rebuilders are experts at rebuilding cvts and troubleshooting cvt transmissions. We offer a Free initial check out and Free towing with major Repair. We are the dealer alternative to CVT transmission repairs and transmission eplacement services.  

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How do I know if I have a issue with my CVT Transmission?

The most common problems occur because of fluid maintenance. These issues include:

Dirty or Low Transmission Fluid - Transmission fluid utilized beyond the recommended maintenance interval.

Incorrect Fluid Employed - Only go to a Service provider that knows the needs and requirements of your CVT transmission.

Overheating Transmission - Due to clogged coolers or older fluid.

Valve Body Wear - Because of lack of fluid maintenance.

The above lubrication issues may trigger a Warning Light or Check Engine Light -- this could be a transmission problem.


A Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) provides easy, efficient energy delivery generating better fuel economy than conventional transmissions. With CVT, shifting is eloquent -- the vehicle performs like it's a changeable gear for every driving situation, and you won't feel any change shock. It uses a steel belt or string and a pulley system to move up and down the gear ratio in always smooth movement, providing smooth, more powerful acceleration and enhanced fuel economy.


The actual difference between a continuously variable transmission (CVT) and an automatic transmission (AT) is that while the two are automatic transmissions and do not need the driver to use a clutch to manually change gears, a standard automatic transmission has fixed gears -typically ranging from five to nine in number. Nissan's XTRONIC CVT and all CVTs do not have any standard fixed gear ratios in any respect.

Here is a list of some of the Nissans we work on:

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To request a free diagnosis or schedule an appointment, please Contact Us or call the number below: