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Clutch Repair Centennial Colorado

Roadrunner Transission offers complete truck and auto clutch repair and service at our Centennial Colorado transmission and repair shop. Roadrunner recommends that the operating linkage of your clutch should be checked periodically at our Centennial shop to help you avoid early failure and keep your auto or truck in top performing condition.

Our Clutch services include the following:

Clutch Adjustment
Clutch Kit Installation
Clutch Slave Cylinder
Drive Shaft & U-Joints
Clutch FAQ

Roadrunner is pleased to offer answers to some of the frequently asked questions about the clutch services offered at our business in Centennial.

How do I know I need a new clutch?
Changing the clutch in your car or truck is not dependent upon any specific time period or mileage level. Rather the clutch only need be changed when a malfunction is noticed. Vehicles that are mostly driven in and around the streets of Centennial that are subject to frequent starts and stops, as compared to those driven around the roads of the greater Denver area, are more prone to needing a clutch repair.

The team at Roadrunner tells our customers that one of the first indications of disc in a clutch wearing thin is a scratching sound heard when shifting gears. When this occurs it indicates that the disc did not complete its intended function of transferring power from the vehicle's engine to the transmission.

An obvious signal that a clutch is in need of replacement is when attempting to overtake another vehicle or going up a steep incline, the engine's revolutions go up without any increase in speed.

Another time to consider having your clutch replaced is when a lack of smoothness is noticed, or it is challenging shifting gears regardless of traveling at the correct speed.

Physically speaking, another sign the clutch in your car or truck is beginning to wear out and need replacement is with a shortened distance of the clutch pedal for proper disengagement.

Roadrunner can perform an inspection to determine the amount of wear and tear on the clutch. It should be noted though that even an inspection itself can contribute to shortening the life of a vehicle's clutch and as such clutch inspections should not be done on a frequent basis. When one of the technicians at Roadrunner performs the inspection, the engine will be running and vehicle's hand break will be engaged. Then, as acceleration is applied the clutch pedal will be raised while remaining in 3rd gear. The more time required to make the vehicle stall will indicate how much the clutch is worn out.