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Automotive Clutch Repair And Installation

Here at Roadrunner Transmission and Diesel, we are automotive clutch repair & new clutch installation experts.

Diagnosing & repairing clutch problems or installing a new clutch in a car or truck should only be done by a clutch repair shop that has experience with all types of automotive clutches. As a transmission shop we repair clutch problems much more often than a general automotive repair shop does. With the amount of clutch issues we see, we are very familiar with the root cause of symptoms associated with clutch problems in Centennial and surrounding areas.

You’d be surprised at the amount of people that think they need a new clutch because of a misdiagnosis. Accurately diagnosing a bad clutch is very easy for us, NOT all problems require the clutch to be replaced, depending on the symptom; your car may just need a minor repair or simple adjustment.

Common Clutch Problems

Clutch repairs normally don’t involve replacing the clutch; usually it’s one or the other. But sometimes continuing to drive a car with clutch problems that could have been repaired can damage the clutch itself.

Problems that require the clutch to be replaced:

Slipping Clutches or No Movement – If your engine revs but your car won’t move or barely moves then the clutch disc or pressure plate has failed and will have to be replaced.
Clutch Chatter – If you feel a chatter when releasing the clutch, it’s caused from hot spots in the flywheel and pressure plate.
Clutch Noises – A bad throw out bearing or pilot bearing can cause a squealing noise from the bad or seized bearings.

Problems that CAN be solved with just a clutch repair:

No Clutch Pedal – If your clutch pedal is flopping up and down with no resistance, getting soft or starting to let the car move when you barely start to lift your foot off the pedal (releasing close to the floor) then the clutch’s hydraulic system, or cable in older cars, needs to be replaced, bled or adjusted.
Hard To Get Your Transmission Into Gear – If it seems to be getting harder for you to get your shifter to go into gear with the car running then this is normally an issue with clutch cable / hydraulic system or the transmission linkage could need to be repaired.

» IMPORTANT « Some of these symptoms can be caused by transmission issues. Another reason to have an expert clutch repair shop diagnose your clutch problems.