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Aurora Transmission Repair Mechanic

Roadrunner Transmission has been offering expert transmission replacements, fluid flushes, and related services for drivers in Aurora Colorado and surrounding areas.

Transmissions typically outlast other mechanical car parts and are not a common reason for cars with low or medium mileage to break down. This is not always the case; there are several factors that can make a transmission wear faster than usual and we occasionally have to replace transmissions on fairly new cars.

Friction is what causes parts of your transmission to wear and break down. Two simple ways to reduce the amount of friction on your transmission are to have your fluid replaced annually or every 15,000 miles and always let your car warm up for a few minutes when it’s cold outside.

Some driving habits that put an increased amount of stress on your transmission include not using a parking brake when parking on an incline, allowing your car to rock back and forth when it’s stuck in snow or mud, and using your transmission to decelerate instead of braking.

Always come to a complete stop when shifting from reverse to drive and vice versa!

We offer free towing and a 2-year, 24,000 mile warranty on all our rebuilt transmissions!


Bring your car to Roadrunner Transmission right away if you notice any of the following:

Lag between shifting into drive and car starting to move
Abrupt gear changes or slippage
Scent of burning transmission fluid
Bits of metal collecting in oil pan


The most important service we offer is to take exceptional care of you. Because we know your time is valuable we offer certain services that make it much more convenient to have your vehicle serviced and maintained. Listed or not, we're here to exceed your expectations with a full line of services for all your vehicle repair needs! If you have a question about any service we offer, or if you would like to make an appointment, please don't hesitate to contact us!

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