Aurora Transmission Repair and Re-Build

Finding a trusted and reliable Aurora transmission repair shop can be the difference in saving you thousands of repairs, and ensuring that your vehicle is back on the road quickly and safely.  As ASE certified transmission repair experts, our team can diagnose any issues you may be having with your transmission and come up with the right solution to fix.  For over 3 decades we have become well known throughout Aurora and the surrounding regions as experts in transmission repair and transmission maintenance services.  We specifically focus our efforts on transmissions and being the BEST repair shop in the industry.  

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Aurora Transmission Repair Services

Our team of transmisson experts is trained to rebuild, repair, and install standard tansmissions for ALL makes and models, both automatic and manual, foreign and domestic models.  No matter if you need a basic transmisson flush or a complete re-build of the machine, we understand all the nuances of ALL types of vehicles.  

We offer written estimates and stand behind our work with multiple types of transmission warranties.
Diagnose your manual transmission
Front and rear wheel drive vehicles
Fix your broken clutch
Diagnose clutch pedal, clutch master cylinder or slave cylinder problems
Inspect your throw-out bearing and pilot bearing
Restore your clutch operation back to like new
Diagnose your hydraulic clutch problems
All manual transmission work done in-house
Multiple transmission warranty options available to fit your budget

Honest and Reliable

With a team of comprised of honest and reliable transmisson technicians, we turn the typical stereotype of mechanics on its head, always striving to provide reliable services that our customers can trust, and make your visit as comfortable and convenient as possible.

o schedule an appointment, please contact us or give us a call!