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Roadrunner Transmission and Diesel is your one-stop shop for transmission services.
We can meet all your transmission needs without breaking the budget. We want to get you back on the road!

We have the BEST prices!

Differential & CV Axle Repair Service

Roadrunner Transmission of Centennial provides drive line, axle, differential and front wheel drive “CV” axle services for all makes and models.

If you are hearing peculiar noise from the rear end gears of your rear wheel drive vehicle axle or from the “CV” joints on your front wheel drive axle vehicle. Roadrunner Transmission is the one to call.

Our expert technicians will quickly determine the source of the drive axle problem and conduct the needed repair or replacement at a fair price. Our differential & drive axle service consists of initial visual inspection for leaks or obvious failure and road test to determine drivability issues.

On your front wheel drive vehicle, if we determine that the CV axles are worn and making any clacking noise, it may be necessary to replace the front drive axle shaft assemblies. On your rear wheel drive differential axle, if we determine that a rebuild or replacement is needed, we will either rebuild your existing axle assembly or install a rebuilt unit. This will be determined by the extent of damage.

You can be assured that we will provide prompt service, a quality repair at a fair price. Proundly serving Centennial and surrounding areas.